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Dordan Mechanical Inc.. was formed for the sole purpose of providing the total mechanical package, both in Design/Build and Bid Specification projects.

Our company has completed a significant cross-section and variety of construction projects in varying degrees of complexity. We believe our firm has proven ability and expertise to adapt to the uniqueness of a specific project while adhering strictly to tight schedule requirements and budget constraints. 

Design/Build and Bid Specification

The mechanical systems shall conform to National and Provincial Building codes and Municipal by law for the intended use and meet or exceed all fire and life safety requirements as per the latest Ontario Building Code and Ministry of Labour Regulations. If there should be a conflict between the requirements of this specification and references codes and by-laws, then the most stringent or strict requirement shall apply.

All mechanical systems are designed by an experienced licensed Engineer, and is designed and constructed with the latest and most proven technology regarding energy efficiency, occupant comfort, maintainability and operation cost. in general the approach is to use the most available state-of-art mechanical system.

Our first recognition in the industry came from the Grand Valley Construction Association (GVCA) Building Excellence Awards were we received the 2001 Mechanical Trade Contractor of the Year. The award was based on Projects at the University of Guelph, Guelph Sports & Entertainment, and Zehrs Market Malden Road Renovation.

At every Grand Valley Construction Association Building Excellence Awards ceremonies we've received awards along with the exceptional General Contractors we've worked with. The 2018 award was for Stubbe's Precast Plant Number 3 with Collaborative Structures Limited.