Elora Mill



Category: Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Client: Pearl Hospitality Date: July 6th, 2018


The Elora Mill opened as an inn for the first time in 1975, under the ownership of Andrew Panchuk and David Silverman. After changing ownership several times, the Elora Mill site was left in a state of extensive deterioration. It was then, in 2010, that Aaron Ciancone – Owner and President of Pearle Hospitality – rescued the property from bankruptcy.

After six years of intensive modern-day planning and design, the Elora Mill began its next transformation. Building upon its century-and-a-half-old foundation and stone walls, applying original craftsmanship and raw materials, and in collaboration with Lori Morris Design – the Elora Mill Hotel & Spa opened on July 6th, 2018, giving new life to this iconic building once again.

1. Mill Restoration & Development 
*Refurbished existing Mill with new systems (electrical, mechanical, fire protection etc.) and added a new addition doubling the size of the building complete with an overhanging area for a stunning view of the Elora Gorge. Reno includes a commercial kitchen, fine dining restaurant and 20 luxury suites with 3 suites containing a 4th level terrace overlooking the Gorge.
2.  Spa
*New building with a number of specialty rooms requiring detailed coordination with other trades. Massage rooms, mud room, pedicure room, fitness room, yoga room, infinity style outdoor pool and hot tub located on the sunning deck.
3.  Granary
*Owner maintained existing façade of building however completely renovated the interior with 2 banquet reception areas, commercial kitchen, roof level terrace and offices.

4.  Cottages
*Refurbished existing 3-storey building into 3 luxury suites and added space for six more luxury suites.

5.  James Ross House
*Century old house refurbished for one luxury suite.